About us



YENBAI CASSIA & AGRI PRODUCTS Co., Ltd is well known as a a reputed manufacturer, exporter and supplier of high quality aromatic spices seasoning and agro products  originated from Vietnam. we are specialized in processing and exporting all type of cassia/cinnamon, star aniseed to worldwide markets. We continue to develop and strengthen our reputation to become the leading; quality conscious and service oriented supplier of spices in Vietnam. We provide knowledgeable and personalized service to assist you in making the right choice of spices and seasoning blends for your food products.



Our key manufacturing products are Cassia/Cinnamon and Star Aniseed Vietnam original, which are the most famous in the world, they are being used for food-spices industry and being distinguished by users of the special aroma and taste. Our products are always the best of seasons and be retained maximum freshness, natural flavour and taste.


    -      Cassia Split ( Paper dosa)

    -      Cassia broken

     -      Cassia whole pressed

     -      Cassia  tube ( Cassia cigarette)

    -      Cinnamon cut square

    -      Cinnamon cut round

    -      Cinnamon powder

·         STAR ANISEED:

    -      Star aniseed whole autumn crop

    -      Star aniseed whole spring

    -      Star aniseed broken

As a full service spice company; we are dedicated to nurturing our relationships with a winning network of customers and suppliers all over the world especially India- our tradinational market with big cities such as New dehli, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Tuticorin, Kolkara, Ahmedabad... Our products also have been exported directly to European and Asian markets such as: Germany, USA, France, Russia ,Korea, Singapore, Japan , Middle East…


To be the most trusted supplier of premium quality products at most reasonable price, prompt delivery, customizing package and documentation as per buyers’ requirements.


Being the manufacturer and exporter spices and other agro based products, YENBAI CASSIA & AGRI PRODUCTS Co., Ltd is dedicated to help the buyers in meeting their product requirements as well as their business goals by providing the required products with the desired quality in a timely manner.

We at YENBAI CASSIA & AGRI PRODUCTS Co., Ltd understand the significance of the right quality of spices and agri-products. The choice of your spice and seasoning supplier has never been more important. We invite you to explore our company; A supplier with the knowledge and integrity to be your partner in business.